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We Respect Your Privacy

We would like you to know that the private information you provide will be preserved and used meticulously. Saving and securing information is a part of our company policy. Yet it is not possible to give you the same pledge, for the websites that you would go to via our website.

Collection and Processing Of Your Personal Information

When you visit our website, our web analytics software automatically records your service provider, which website you came from, which site of ours you especially visited, the date and duration of your visit. Our website may use active components such as JavaScript and cookies in order to determine and to provide solution to your choices and priorities. You could adjust your browser to refuse cookies. Yet we would like to remind you that by doing so, you might not use many of the web pages at optimum performance. Your private information, for instance on the reservation form or a poll will be taken only by your consent.

Use and Disclosure of your Personal Information

Your private information will only be used to improve our website technically, for better marketing and development. Your private information will never be given to the third parties unless you give consent.


We keep your personal information according to our privacy policy, against any sort of deceit, loss, disappearance or access by the unauthorized persons. Our privacy methods are constantly monitored and supported by recent technologies.

Freedom of Choice

We would like to use your personal information, in order to provide you with our latest services and special offers. It is up to your choice to accept. If you do not wish to receive that information for any reason, please let us know and we would delete them from our system.


Please consult us about the information, suggestion and complaints regarding the usage of your personal information. Wrong or missing information will directly be corrected upon your request.