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As among the top 10 diving locations in the world, you could pick any of the 20 spots around Kaş to experience scuba diving. Either in the morning or in the afternoon, discover the breathtaking underwater beauties of Kaş and its surroundings. You could discover the WW2 cargo plane at the depths. Discovery diving is available for those who never dived before with a short briefing. You could discover the underwater world at 5-7 meters with your instructor. Diving schools with high standards offer you the safest and the most enjoyable service for this experience.


Boats leave Kaş harbor at 10am. It means that an amazing journey has begun for you. First stop is at Inonu cove, then another at the Aquarium cove. You could rest, swim or wander around with a snorkel. Open buffet lunch calls you back on board with the delicious smell from the barbecue. After lunch, we visit the Dockyard cove and see the Sunken City. You have one full hour to discover the castle town of Simena, jewel of Lycian civilization. You could climb up to the fort and see the sarcophagi in water, taste home-made delicious ice cream and cool-off in the waters of the Mediterranean. Then, we will see the Üçağız village. You could see the tomb of the kings here. Next is the amazing cove of Yağlıca. As the free snacks are offered on board, we either have the last stop around Meis or Limanağzı cove. The journey ends at 18:00 at Kaş Harbor.



A colorful tour with full of nature, sea, sun, history, culture and entertainment. The trip starts at 9am in front of the hotel, heading to Patara Beach and its ancient ruins. After our guide’s briefing, we begin exploring the ancient city. Having enough of history, we get on the jeeps and head onto Gizlikent Canyon which is 700 meters long. We walk into the canyon and reach to the waterfall. After having a shower and fun, we have our lunch there. Then we set course towards the longest canyon of Turkey, Saklıkent. Be prepared for the surprises on the way! Don’t be baffled to catch a showering rain during a sunny day. As the entertaining moments pass on, it is time to discover the canyon. We enter into this natural wonder with our guide and the exciting trek starts. There is a body rafting activity at the end. Before returning to Kaş, we stop by the famous Kaputaş Beach for its white sands and turquoise waters. Then we return to Kaş, leaving our tired body to the light breeze.


If you wish to feel free like a bird as you gaze upon Kaş, the pearl of the Mediterranean, then tandem paragliding is just for you. After 20 minutes of driving up, you will enjoy the breathtaking view of the mountains, the sea, Meis island and Kaş, which will be the unforgettable moments of your holiday. You must experience this spectacular activity with our experienced pilots who had thousands of successful flights since the tandem paragliding was introduced to Kaş. Open your arms and surrender yourself to the rhythm of the wind.



It is Meis in Turkish, Megisti in Greek and Kastellorizo in European languages. It has three different names yet the island is quite tiny. If you have Schengen visa, take the ferry and in 20 minutes you are on the island which could be walked in a couple of hours. It is delightful to wander around the colorful houses on the shore facing Kaş. Although being a ‘not-so-popular’ Greek island among many others, the way its inhabitants care for their beautiful homes invoke some jealousy. The restaurants on the coastline offer you a variety of classic Greek delicacies from frappe to sea food. If you do not know English, that is ok as well, because they also know Turkish enough to get your order. If you are unprepared you could as well pay with Turkish Lira. And you could use your mobile phone and internet just as you do in Kaş. Citizens of Meis love Turks, it is in fact hard to find two shores of a kind having such good neighborly relations. If you do not have a visa but still wish to go, a visa on the border gate is available. Please ask the hotel management for more information.

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If you wish to see Kekova’s sunken city more closely, have an enjoyable day with lots of physical activity then sea kayak is just for you. Sea kayak tours are available in two different routes, one for the sunken city and the other around Kaş. Depending on your choice, you could either discover Kekova’s sunken city in full detail or paddle around Kaş, Limanağzı and Big Pebble with some snorkel stops.



If you prefer sand, then you could discover Turkey’s cutest little cove of Kaputaş which is 18 kms from Kaş. Kaputaş Beach is located on the road between Kaş and Kalkan, at the spot known as ‘the canyon’s mouth’. The underground current meeting the sea makes its waters uniquely turquoise and fairly cold. Chosen by thousands of domestic and international tourists every year, this beach is accessible through 187 steps climbing down the cliff. If you don’t dare for the steps, visit Kaputaş to take a selfie at least.


Small Pebble is one of the most popular beaches of Kaş where our hotel is also located. It is very close to Kaş centrum, has cafes and beach clubs, making it one of the most interesting places in the town. Its name comes from the narrow cliffs meeting the sea after a short alley of pebbles. The water is quite cold due to the fresh water gushing out from the rocks. The place welcomes every visitor in Kaş.



Big Pebble Beach is accessible by a shuttle bus from Kaş and it is famous for the fresh water source flowing out from the rocks. Thus the water is less salty and cool and the cafes around the beach invite you to spend the whole day at the Big Pebble. The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean are just 15 minutes by walk from our hotel. You could use your vehicle as well.


Limanağzı is accessible with the shuttle boats from Kaş harbor every 30 minutes. The journey takes 15 minutes and the place offers a good alternative for those who prefer sand rather than the rocky shores. Limanağzı is a pleasant cove with a blue flag, accommodating little boats during the summer season. While enjoying the sea, you could also take a walk on the Lycian Way and visit Sebeda ancient city on the road. Hıdırellez Cave is another spot to see near Limanağzı. You could choose between famous beach cafes such as Nuri’s, Delos, Port and Bilal’s to spend your day in Limanağzı.



Patara is the beach of the ancient metropolis of Patara, located between Kaş and Fethiye, which today is at the vicinity of Gelemiş village. The beach is under protection of WWF, for it is one of the most important breeding grounds of ‘caretta caretta’, the endangered species of sea turtles. With its untouched nature, Patara attracts nature lovers around the world and also it is the birth place of St. Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus. Spanning 22 kms in length, the narrowest width of the beach is 285 m and widest 1.5 kms, making it the longest beach in Turkey. There are many ancient structures around as well.


Located at Çukurbağ Peninsula, between Incebogaz and Hidayet beaches, the Municipality Beach has crystal clear water, free car park and wide spaces. You could rent a sunbed and an umbrella in fairly low prices at the Municipality Beach. It is especially suitable for families with its calm and shallow waters. There is a cafe at the beach run by the municipality as well, where you could enjoy pancakes and ayran for a snack.

Taking the 6th place in our list, Hidayet cove is located at Çukurbağ peninsula which is 2.5 kms from Kaş town center. Being one of the most beautiful in Kaş, the beach takes its name from a villager who once lived there. The only business is Blanca Beach at the cove, there is no entrance fee and if you wish you could rent a sunbed and an umbrella. It gets quite crowded, so you might prefer going there in the week-days.