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 KAŞ (Antiphellos)     Big Pebble Beach
Kaş is situated in the southwest of Turkey, in the centre of the ancient region of Lycia. According to the ancient author Pliny the Elder, the original name of Kaş was Habesos, which was changed to Antiphellos sometime during the late Classical – early Hellenistic period. The city prospered as a port through Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine times.Today Kaş is a charming holiday destination, keeping its beauty as a small fishing port intact. The old village streets now house a variety of traditional handicraft shops. Uzun Çarşı leads up to an ancient Lycian monument, the so-called Lions’ Tomb, a richly decorated sarcophagus dating to the 4th century BC. Other monuments include a Hellenistic theatre, temple and rock-cut Doric house tomb, as well as numerous sarcophagi and rock tombs, ranging in date between the 5th century BC and the 3rd century AD.. To swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean you can either make use of our own private beach, or walk to the nearby Büyükçakıl (Big Pebble) beach.
 Kaputaş Beach  Küçükçakıl Beach
If you prefer sand, 18 km away lies Kaputaş beach, or 40 km to Turkey’s longest sandy beach and the ancient ruins at Patara.

The beach has the same name with the area where our hotel is located.
It's ideal for pebble lovers.

 Castellorizo (Meis) Island  Limanağzı Beach
Boat trips from Kaş harbour can take you to the sunken island of Kekova or to the Greek island of Castellorizo (Meis), location of the Oscar-winning movie ‘Mediterraneo’. From the Harbour a little boat takes you to the splendid waters of Limanağzı.
For people who prefer sand this is an ideal place.
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